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What we are doing

Design, welding, machining and assembly


Professional team

Our team of colleagues is in great demand for their experience and knowledge. We turn work stimuli into full-fledged solutions. We analyze and evaluate. We bring our customers a guarantee of quality and timely delivery of ordered goods or services.


Vision and goals, trust and respect

New project opportunities, professional growth and belief in the values ​​of professionalism help us achieve our visions and goals. Customer satisfaction deepens trust and respect at all levels. You can also become our customer.


Focus on Mechanical Engineering

We design drawing documentation according to customer requirements. We offer the production of individual parts or assemblies according to the customer's wishes. Weldments, machining, assembly. We use progressive production methods for welding and machining.


Project quality

There can be no question of quality without customer satisfaction. Therefore, we use some procedures such as:

  • Prevention before inspection
  • Continuous improvement during production
  • Quality planning
  • Quality assurance
  • Quality control

Why choose us

Almost 20 years of experience in mechanical engineering

We offer the production of weldments and their machining, including higher assemblies. Production of individual parts by turning, milling, grinding and finishing. Both for piece and series production.

We can help in the creation of drawing documentation and technological procedures, especially with the knowledge of production processes, tools and equipment in production.

Experience and knowledge

Many years of experience in production, knowledge of technological processes and production possibilities. Effective production planning and management. Adherence to quality and delivery date. Competitiveness.

Welding, Machining, Assembly

Piece and serial production of weldments and machined parts. Wide application in engineering, automation, shipbuilding and transport.

Quality, efficiency, timely delivery and competitiveness are our priorities.


Are you interested in our offer

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Distribution and sales representation

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Reference photos


Custom machined engineering part


Machined and varnished weldment, for single-purpose equipment


Mold_Punch for sheet metal stamping in Automotive


Custom machined engineering part, 3D sketch


Machined and varnished weldment, for single-purpose equipment, 3D sketch


Mold_Punch for sheet metal stamping in Automotive, 3D sketch

More reference photos